Procedimiento de gestión de reclamos Inglés


Clínica Alemana makes available to its patients or clients different channels for lodging complaints.


·          Complaints Form: available at the Clinic´s main services

·          {C}{C}Website:

·          Satisfaction Survey

·          E-mail:



Once it is received by the Clinic, the complaint is forwarded to the Customer Service Platform, where the complainant will be contacted to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and to provide him/her with information on the timeframe for the response.


The Platform will then forward the background information to the units in charge and will request delivery of the relevant report. With this information the Clinic will proceed to reply to the complainant.



Complaints related to compliance with patient rights pursuant to Law No. 20584:


This Law shall be applicable only to the written complaints filed via the Complaints Form delivered in person and signed by the complainant. 


Once the form is filled out by the patient or patient’s representative, it will be received by Clinic staff and the complainant will keep a copy.


If the complainant is an adult and is unable to file a complaint, he/she may be represented by a third party via an unnotarized Power of Attorney.


The Form will be forwarded to the Customer Service Platform, where the complaint will be processed and a response will be given to the claimant. The response must be issued in writing and it must be signed by a staff member designated for such purposes by the Technical Director of the Clinic, Dr. Bernd Oberpaur or by legal counsel Ms. Marie Paule Ithurbisquy Laporte.


The response to the complaint will be given within 15 business days, as from the business day following reception of the complaint at Clínica Alemana. In the event the complainant  should disagree with the response delivered by the Clinic or should not receive such response within the given timeframe, he/she may resort to the  Superintendence of Health, within 5 business days, as from the date notice of the response is provided or following the expiry of 15 day period.